Liana Wheeldon graduated from Emily Carr College of Art & Design with a focus on printmaking.  Drawing, painting and mixed media work have consumed her since.  Liana's formal art education also includes studying various media through continuing education at schools in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Liana’s work is influenced by popular culture and the world around her. Her most recent works have focused on exploring the feeling of weather in Northern Alberta and ravens as part of the community that Liana calls home.  Her work has been featured in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Western Canada and in the U.S.  

Since coming to Fort McMurray, Liana has been very active in the arts community  as a volunteer and arts administrator. Liana contributes a monthly arts column to the Fort McMurray Today publication as part of her role as Executive Director for Arts Council Wood Buffalo.

Artist Statement

As I use my work to explore weather and ravens in my community, I am inspired by the transformative quality of art.  Ordinary subjects and situations become extraordinary when the lens of artistic expression is applied to them.  Using mixed media built surface techniques intrigues me and acts as a metaphor for the complexities of nature and relationships.  There is more to know than what the surface reveals.